What to Expect

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The outside of the clinic

We at the Sulphur Springs Veterinary Clinic believe you should expect high quality care as well as great service when you come to our clinic. Our goal has been to assemble a veterinary health care team committed to providing exceptional client service and veterinary health care. Our commitment to you is for every member of our veterinary team including doctors, technicians, veterinary assistants, receptionist, and animal caretakers to be responsible advocates for your pet and to include you, the client, as a partner in the healthcare of your pet. 

Dr. Trowbridge and an assistant cleaning a dog's ear.

One of the Sulphur Springs Veterinary Clinic's first goals is to earn your trust by setting high standards of care for your pet. There are numerous areas within the clinic where creating standards of care is essential to achieving this goal. Veterinarians always drive medical and surgical decisions, but include every clinic member in the development of our standards of care. Our veterinary assistants and technicians work with patient nursing care and our receptionist has a thorough understanding of our clinic standards.

Wellness standards
such as orderly examinations, appropriate vaccinations, parasite prevention, dietary recommendations, routine blood screens, dental care, and problem-related grooming are among the first things you could expect on a visit to the clinic. Diagnostic standards such as blood tests for sick pets, radiographic techniques, endoscopy, cytology, and numerous other methodologies are used to be as accurate and factual in the diagnosis of problems as possible. Hospitalization and therapeutic standards are very important to our approach to best veterinary medicine. These standards are applied to areas such as care of the pet while at the clinic, evaluations of the patient, scrutiny and attention to medications and treatments, chart updates and recording, intravenous fluid supervision, catheter maintenance, and medicine dose charts, among many other facets of practice. Anesthetic standards are of the highest priority at the Sulphur Springs Veterinary Clinic and are respected and followed by every member of the team. Pre-anesthetic blood tests profiles are recommended and evaluated as anesthesia is tailored to each patient. Safety is considered in all aspects of anesthesia from the choice of primarily using gas anesthesia to extensive anesthetic monitoring techniques and devices. Surgical standards have become a cornerstone of the Sulphur Springs Veterinary Clinic's priorities. From sterilization techniques, preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative patient care and attention, a full spectrum of surgical equipment and instruments, extensive training of veterinary surgical techniques, and a team approach to good surgical technique, the clinic strives to achieve the highest level of surgical care. The management of patient pain is another very important aspect of our surgical standards and is promoted at all levels of surgery. Standards of care are the guiding principles of the Sulphur Springs Veterinary Clinic and help us make the best decisions for our patients care.
A client and her dog